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Affiliate marketing for beginners
Written by Daniel Lurie
Introducing Everything You Need To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing
In today’s world, there are numerous ways to make money online. The fact of the matter is that the worldwide web has opened up numerous avenues for ordinary people to get online, start up their own business, launch their own blog, start their own YouTube channel, or market themselves as an influencer on social media. And with these new avenues comes the possibility to add a new revenue stream to your weekly, monthly, and yearly income. 

One avenue, in particular, is becoming more and more popular because it’s easy to do, requires little to no experience, and doesn’t require some high-cost, time-consuming marketing strategy. 

It’s called, “affiliate marketing.” Now, you’re likely already familiar with what marketing is and how it’s used on the web, but what about the word, “affiliate?” Where exactly does that come into play? Well, an affiliate marketer is essentially someone who markets, advertises, pushes, reviews, and sells other people’s/business’s products without ever having to hold a single piece of inventory!

That might sound complicated at first, but trust me -  it isn’t. Especially when you launch your affiliate marketing business with Cash Funnels. Cash Funnels is the fun new affiliate marketing platform that gives you all of the built-in tools, profitable offers, and resources needed to set your new affiliate marketing business up in just 15 minutes.
In this article, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into affiliate marketing. We’ll break it down and show you just why affiliate marketing is so easy to start. From there, we’re going to introduce Cash Funnels, and we’ll show you exactly why it’s the best and only way to get started as an affiliate marketer.
What Is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is essentially a selling process that can be done entirely on the internet. In this process, an affiliate (you) will earn a percentage of the commission from the sale of a product just for marketing someone else’s or another business’s products on your website, blog, social media profile, YouTube channel, etc. In this scenario, all you’re doing is representing a product from another company. You post about it on your website or blog, you link to it when you post on social media, and you talk it up on your YouTube channel.

Don’t worry — I already know what you’re asking…

“How many brands, businesses, and companies actually pay affiliate marketers on the web?”

Well, you’d be surprised to find out that 81% of brands and roughly 84% of publishers in the US are ecstatic about the opportunity to take advantage of affiliate marketing. In addition, each and every year, there’s a greater than 10% increase in affiliate marketing spending — meaning companies are more and more willing to shell out the big bucks to affiliate marketers to get their products around. And just to help you wrap your head around that number — it means that nearly $7 billion is spent each year on affiliate marketers throughout the United States

Why The Shift?

If you’re wondering about the reasons why businesses are willing to spend billions of dollars across the US economy just for affiliate marketing, you have every right to ask the question. When it comes down to it, however, the math really is quite simple.

Everything and anything exists on the web. Businesses exist on the web. Storefronts exist on the web. Reviews exist on the web. And of course, consumers exist on the web. Businesses know just how entrenched social media has become in our daily lives, and they’re looking to capitalize on it. They understand how SEO and online advertising works, and they know that users will be redirected to affiliates, and will then be redirected to a company website to purchase a product.

You see, businesses understand the journey that users and consumers take on the web, and they’re looking to capitalize on all of it. They do it by partnering with proven affiliate marketers who have something to show — whether it be a solid following on social media, a list of subscribers on YouTube, or proven hits on their blog or website.

From there, brands and businesses are willing to pay a commission for products that are purchased through these social media profiles, YouTube channels, and blogs/websites. Now, with all of that said, let’s take a look at how you can ensure that your social media profile, YouTube channel, or blog/website can become the next big affiliate marketing avenue.
What Is Cash Funnels?
There’s a reason why affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most popular types of online businesses – and if you didn’t exactly catch them earlier, we’ll spell them out.
  • You Don’t Need Experience
  • You Don’t Need Products
  • You Don’t Need To Be A Marketing Expert
  • ​You Don’t Need A Novel Idea
Essentially, you don’t need anything except a computer and an internet connection – and an idea of what you want to market. From there, you can earn money quickly and consistently. And with Cash Funnels, you can get your business up and running just 15 minutes or less.

If you know how to check your email, then you’ve passed the test. At that point, you have all the knowledge and technical skills that you need to build an affiliate marketing business using Cash Funnels. 

Already decided to see in action 
our next-generation platform?

So, back to the question, What is Cash Funnels?
Pre-Made Sales Funnels

Every affiliate marketer knows that they need a funnel to draw leads into. If you’re new to marketing, leads are potential customers, and funnels are made up of engaging and insightful content designed to draw people into your sphere of influence. This can be everything from the social media content, to blog posts and review articles — or a combination of a number of different types of content that all work together to bring leads deeper and deeper into your funnel until you ultimately convert them into customers by giving them a link right to your affiliate brand or business.

With Cash Funnels’ pre-made sales funnels, we’ve taken all of the leg work out of the picture. Instead, you can pull up one of our pre-made sales funnels, input whatever information, products, and business references that you’d like to sell, and in no time at all, you’ve got a well-designed sales funnel that is specifically built by the hands of experts — so you know it can draw leads in and bring them all the way to your affiliate hyperlink.

Email Auto-Responders

Another great way to manage your affiliate marketing business is to connect with people. Remember, when you’re posting reviews on your blog, posting content on social media, and producing videos on YouTube, you’ll want to have a place for people to connect with you because that’s simply another way to get leads into your funnel.

With our Email Auto-Responders, you’ll never have to answer a single email. Instead, you can set your email up with auto-reply tools that will allow you to send out our auto-responders so that you can still get people to head to your website through email — all while staying true to the affiliate marketer identity that you’ve built for yourself.

Connect With The World’s Largest Affiliate Marketing Networks

Through our Help Center, you can easily connect your account to one of the world’s largest and most trusted affiliate networks. From there, you can connect with businesses and brands looking for affiliate marketers on the web. In just a few minutes, you can connect with a number of different brands and begin marketing their products through your account.
And when it’s time to see just how your website, blog, social media profile, or YouTube channel is performing, you can use our built-in statistics and analytics tools. Gain a deeper insight into the performance of your sales funnel and your content and see if you can make a few tweaks here or there to drive even more traffic into your lead funnels. 
One of the best aspects of Cash Funnels is that we don’t simply provide our members with a to-do list to get started. Instead, we give you an already done list — in other words, we show you a list of everything that we’ve already done for you so that you can get started in just a few minutes. 
Never before has it been this simple, this comprehensive, and this fun to set up your own affiliate marketing business. Using Cash Funnels, you can click your way to a brand new business — all without having a single piece of inventory on hand. 
We hope that with all the aforementioned information in our detailed guide about common affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid for beginners, you found something worth your while.

While the affiliate marketing business is quite competitive, if done right, it can prove to be an excellent source of income. As a newbie affiliate marketer, try to make your target customers the center of your attention. Remember every visitor has the potential to turn into a buyer! How well you please each one of them will decide the overall success, reputation, and sales of your business.
  • 100% Done For You Affiliate Marketing System
  • Pre-Made Marketing Funnels
  • Pre-Made Email Auto-Responders
  • ​Connects To ClickBank – The World’s Largest Affiliate Marketing Network
  • ​Access To High Quality Pre-Screened Offers
  • ​No Need To Create A Website
  • ​No Need To Create A Product
  • ​Risk-Free Trial Included!

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Cash Funnels is a unique Beginners Friendy platform that automates the creation of an affiliate marketing business. We take care of all the complex backend technical and marketing tasks. 

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